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You Musn't Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger, Darling


There's not really much for my to say about myself, my life revolves around writing, creating art, music, and playing guitar.
Drop me a comment if you really want to know anything more! :D

You guys really want to know about me? Here's what the marvelous velvetnight1994  says about me: "you're like a female!Guitar playing! Bob"

1980s horror films, 30 seconds to mars, a7x, afi, angel of death, art, asexual squids, bandslash, beds, being crazy, being ourselves, bleach, bob bryar, boys in school uniforms, boys in victorian clothing, boys together, brothers grimm, cereal, chuck palahniuk, cobra starship, coffee, computers, concerts, criminal minds, cupcakes, cursing at my tablet, darkness, death note, deconstruction, doodling, drawing, dreaming, eating, edward gorey, emo acceptance, eyeliners, fan fiction, ferard, fftl, fight club slash, frank iero, frerard, friends, fueled by ramen, gay rights, gerard way, gore, graphic design, grunge, guitar, hair clips, hair straighteners, hating, hating labels, horror movies, internet, introverts, jade puget, javey, jethro gibbs, jokes, killing stereotypes, leathermouth, light graffitti, listening to music, love, love hearts, make-up, mascara, mcr, mcr slash, men with long hair, mikey way, mints, mosh pits, mountian dew, movies, mud., music, my chemical romance, naps, ncis, night time., nightmare before christmas, painting, panic at the disco, people, peter pan, photography, photos, pop tabs, punk, queen, rage, rain, rainy days, ramen, randomness, ray toro, reading, revenge, rock, rock music, rocky horror picture show, simplicity, singing, slash, sleep, sleeping and dreaming, snail mail, soccer, songs, strawberries, sushi bars, syn gates, taking back sunday, taking walks, talking in class, teatime, the academy is..., the black parade, the breakfast club, the dark knight, the dresden dolls, the mighty boosh, the sexually ambiguous seacucumber, the used, thinking impure thoughts, thunder storms, tokio hotel, totally making things up, tv, twigs, ugly dolls, vampire, vampire fan fics, vampires, videos, water, werewolves, william beckett, world domination, writing